Covering Ground

Lake Hayward buffer garden protects Eightmile River watershed. Evolution of Lakeside Buffer Garden

Waterside buffer gardens offer lots more than summer blooms (though they surely do offer those!). They help sequester storm water and road runoff, keeping unwanted nitrogen and road pollutants from public water bodies. Through the joint efforts of several organizations, a new buffer garden was installed at Lake Hayward, East Haddam, CT this year. 

Fall lettuce grows inside the protection of water tubes. Sow August Seeds, Harvest Fall Veggies

Now's the moment to plant your fall veggie garden--from August 1 until about August 25 in southern New England.

Are we sick of yard maintenance yet?

There's a certain attitudinal curve that applies to those of us who do yard and garden work: It starts high in the spring and gets very low about this point in the year. (Blame it on heat, humidity, and the lost sense of novelty . . . ) Yet the maintenance needs go on and on. Can we make peace with landscape maintenance? Maybe.

Where is your personal park space? Where's Your Personal Parkland?

Do you have a special place around the yard or garden? Maybe it's your own personal park.

Flowers among weeds and grasses Weeds, Weeds Go Away

"Can you wave a magic wand and make the weeds go away?" A client recently asked that worthy question. The simple answer is obvious, but with a little strategy it can get easier. Here's a new article on weed reduction and weed management.

In the New London Day/Zip06:

Dye is applied to wool harvested at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts Landscapes of Long Ago on Display at Sturbridge Village

Power lines, street lamps, cars, the sounds of engines--they're not on the village green at Old Sturbridge Village. If the point of OSV is to give a visitor a virtual nanosecond of another, older reality, I got it this sunny Sunday, June 23, as I turned the corner from the admission gate into the main thoroughfare.

Rain barrel awaiting a rainy day. Forecast: Rain Today, Dry Tomorrow, Rain Barrels Every Day

Water, water everywhere this week . . . but that was not the case this April and, if 2013 is anything like past years, it won't be the case this July and August. So here's an extended article on how to choose and use rain barrels for the garden.

What To Do with Plastic Nursery Pots Now

Even though all of these plastic nursery pots are labeled recyclable, the black plastic pot on the left is not accepted anywhere in Connecticut's municipal recycling programs. To find out why and what to do with used horticultural containers after the plants are removed, read this recent story in the New London Day/Zip06:

Close the Door at the Deer Cafe
Ever wish you could un-invite the deer from your garden? It's not easy, but there are ways. See my article on strategies to resist deer damage in The Day/Zip06: Closing the Door at the Deer Cafe.
To Keep Nature's Dance Going, Use Native Plants

Some native plants are surprising--like the prickly pear cactus. But some of the most common nursery plants are natives--hiding in plain sight, so to speak. If you want to use more natives this year, read my latest article about southern New England native plants here.