Covering Ground

Books and Activities Encourage Young Gardeners

Once upon a time, not long ago, farming and gardening were a necessary part of most families' lives and highly visible to young children. Now, in many cases, adults have to take the time to make sure children know their food doesn't magically materialize behind the fast-food counter.

Garden Books for Winter Reading

May I suggest a good book? Or two? My column in the New London Day offers books for gardeners and nature lovers, for yourself or for gift giving. Sometimes, it's almost as good as getting outside and digging. 

When Leaf Blowers Go to Charm School

It's November in New England. Got leaves? More to the point, are you hearing leaf blowers? This week's column in the New London Day put a rake into this topic to see if there's a way to find inner peace around leaf blowers.

What to know about native plants now

Got parks in your community? Increased information about native plants and more commercial availability are opening new possibilities for these ecological powerhouses in the municipal realm. Read about new developments in my article for the fall 2013 newsletter of the Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commissions. Download the PDF below.

Fall leaves Five Ways to Make the Most of Leaves

Some people say there are two ways of looking at everything. This certainly applies to our autumn leaf bonanza. We can view it as a big, boring yard job--or as a tremendous free source of soil fertility for the coming year. 

Moss growing on rock Much to Love About Moss

For every time I hear the question, "Why is there moss in my lawn?", I would like to turn it around. Why is there lawn growing in the moss? For many spaces, moss is an excellent natural ground cover. 

Tree falls, creating stump. After the tree falls: What about stumps?

It's been a tough couple of years for trees, creating a bumper crop of stumps, snags and root sprouts. Former tree owners can take care of stumps and snags in three basic ways: Decay, repurpose or remove.Tree carving by Kris Connors of Clinton, CT, at the Ivoryton Playhouse, Essex, CT.</body></html>

Lawn Listening to the Lawn

Think you're going to get some quiet time sitting out on the front lawn in the last weeks of summer? Maybe. If you're like a lot of people, you may hear the bare spots and brown spots and crab grass incite some noisy conversation instead. Why won't anything grow over there? And why is there so much crab grass? And what was that I read about making lawn repairs in September?

Lake Hayward buffer garden protects Eightmile River watershed. Evolution of Lakeside Buffer Garden

Waterside buffer gardens offer lots more than summer blooms (though they surely do offer those!). They help sequester storm water and road runoff, keeping unwanted nitrogen and road pollutants from public water bodies. Through the joint efforts of several organizations, a new buffer garden was installed at Lake Hayward, East Haddam, CT this year. 

Fall lettuce grows inside the protection of water tubes. Sow August Seeds, Harvest Fall Veggies

Now's the moment to plant your fall veggie garden--from August 1 until about August 25 in southern New England.