Covering Ground

Roots, Leaves and Frost Dates

April 15 - May 15: We're in that confusing part of the calendar when roots are waking up, but leaves are not yet safe from frost. What to do?

A New Role for Used (Cardboard) Rolls

The plain brown tubes that hold toilet paper, paper towels and gift wrap are great seed starters. The leeks in this tube were started on March 15. In less than a month, the roots are so long they're growing out of the container.

Impatiens in bloom Finding Garden Color in a Post-Impatiens World

I've never been a big fan of impatiens (they're too thirsty) but I am in the minority on that point. Impatiens are wildly popular annual flowers and a mainstay of garden centers.

Easter Potato

Today, last year's potato crop became this year's seed potatoes.

Now I Know Why It's Called Winter Savory

Here's Winter Savory today, Easter, March 31, next to a picture of the same plant posted in early February: Any plant that holds its color, scent and leaves that well through the winter is worthy of consideration for the herb garden!

Twenty Stormworthy Native Trees for Southern New England

A favorite armchair-gardening activity of mine is creating lists of plants for special conditions.

What to do with storm-ravaged trees

With plenty of winter and two hurricanes behind us in southern New England, our trees are much the worse for wear. Here are some thoughts on how to manage storm-ravaged trees in the coming months from my recent article in the New London Day/Zip06. 

Witch hazel in the February snow and frost. Snow Flowers

What is an oxymoron? It's usually used to describe two words or concepts that don't belong together (the usual cliche is "military intelligence"). Do "snow flowers" qualify?

Landscape Makeover Contest Designed by Vo-Ag Students

The Connecticut Garden & Landscape Trail is a brochure with the names and locations of garden centers, nurseries, and public gardens in the state. It's offered at many garden center check-out lanes and in travel kiosks around the state. This year, the Suffield Regional chapter of the Future Farmers of America added a new twist by designing a "stamp your passport" program.

Cleaning Out Last Year's Black Plastic Pots

People often ask: Can we recycle plant pots? That question has a surprisingly complex answer (see below). This display at the Connecticut Flower Show caught my eye.