Landscape Planning and Design Services

A note to visitors: 

I focus on "nature-scaping" projects such as vegetated buffers for waterside areas, meadows, low-mow lawns, intensive groundcovers, pervious pathways, and difficult-to-grow hillsides. My emphasis is on bringing natural processes into attractive residential, commercial, and community landscapes.

Landscape design works best when clients, other stakeholders, and the designer create a shared vision. It may be implemented immediately or, more often, over a period of years.

My role is to discuss your goals and assess the landscape, imagine possibilities, research site constraints, create drawings, offer examples from other places, create photo simulations, and draft site plans. The process helps bring ideas "down to earth" with real landscape features that can be enjoyed for a long time. Below, see a slide show on the development of flowering meadow on the Post Road in Westbrook, CT. Also, please see my reviews and endorsements. See a list of projects

Site: Westbrook, CT, Tom O'Dell Meadow Walk. About 3.5 minutes or use arrows on lower left corner.