Want less lawn work? Start with the seeds.

Low-mow lawn from Eco-Lawn seed, Wildflower Farm.

If you are a lawn owner, perhaps you’ve wondered if there’s a way reduce the commitment and still have healthy grass. According to some in the turf industry, there is—and it starts with the seeds.

We’re not talking here about a conventional lawn gone feral, nor the patchy grass that some call “freedom lawns” or “organic by neglect.” These seed mixes bear labels such as “low-mow,” “low-work-and-water,” or “drought-tolerant.” What do we need to know in order to shop wisely for these low-input lawn seeds?

Listening to the Lawn


Think you're going to get some quiet time sitting out on the front lawn in the last weeks of summer? Maybe. If you're like a lot of people, you may hear the bare spots and brown spots and crab grass incite some noisy conversation instead. Why won't anything grow over there? And why is there so much crab grass? And what was that I read about making lawn repairs in September?

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