Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly in a wildflower planting Hillside before invasive weed removal, Westport, CT Quarter-acre hillside after invasive weed removal, Westport, CT Before invasive weed removal on marsh-side buffer garden, Old Saybrook, CT After one year at marsh-side buffer garden, Old Saybrook, CT Lakeside buffer planting, fall 2015 Laurel Brook, Wadsworth Falls State Park, Middletown, CT North Cove Guard Rail, Old Saybrook, CT

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Covering Ground

September, 2016
Galium odoratum, Sweet Woodruff
No need to tiptoe

"Don't step on the garden fairies," my grandmother used to admonish. It was her way of making me walk carefully in her beautiful vegetable gardens. It took me a long time to get over the fear of stepping on garden fairies, but in reality some plants can take some foot trafffic. Visit the link above. 

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Moss Removal in Lawns: Myths and Realities

Some people love moss, but more dislike it. To be specific, they dislike it in their lawns. Many people today, including some golf course turf managers, use a solution of four ounces dish soap mixed with one gallon of water. Does it work? Please read this post about moss and lawns

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