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Covering Ground

November, 2015
Broomsedge meadow grasses and pathway on November 4, 2015
To lawn or not to lawn? Ongoing conversation has long history.

The question was unthinkable for many years. Some communities and homeowner associations still legislate for a lawn standard that began in a day when concerns about water and pollinators didn't exist. See my ongoing history and bibliography of lawn critiques and lawn alternatives. 

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Leaf Blowers: New Electric Models Are Quiet as Well as Powerful

Fall leaves on lawns block light, reduce air flow, and encourage fungi. Those are just a few of several reasons why November becomes the month of the "leaf blower serenade," a loud song that stirs ill will across the land. But now, battery-powered electric leaf blowers offer more power and a lot less noise. There may even be a few models that handle the demands of landscape crews. 

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