Ground Covers

Where lawn doesn't grow, we still need to cover ground. Here are some recent articles on durable groundcovers that make great grass alternatives. 

Create a Low-Maintenance Moss Lawn

If you are frustrated by the difficulty of growing grass in certain areas of the yard, consider moss for groundcover. In this interview with Annie Martin, a.k.a. 'Mossin' Annie', learn how to choose the right site, choose the right moss species, and pick the best growing method for your goals. Martin is the author of "The Magical World of Moss Gardening," Timber Press, 2015.

Shade is Unfriendly to Turfgrass. Consider Sedge Alternatives.

Learn about sedge, a close relation to grass that thrives in where turf is shy. See pictures from the sedge demonstrations at the Mt. Cuba Center, a botanical garden in Hockessin, Delaware.

Ground Covers: Drop and Grow an Instant Carpet of Sedum

Here's a product that says it will carpet sunny locations with tough sedum plants. If it works, it's fast ground cover for places where the grass is hard to maintain. 

Mix Grass with Flowers, Reduce Mowing, Extend Garden 

Fleur de Lawn is a low maintenance grass and flower mix for low-traffic areas of the landscape. Use it as a transition to garden beds, meadows, or use it to reduce mowing.

Grow Moss, a Natural Groundcover for Shady Places

Moss grows where lawn grass fears to tread. Learn six ways to pamper moss. 

Grass vs. Trees: Turf Wars that Take Place Underground

Make a peace treaty between trees and turf. 

Micro Clover: Perennial Nitrogen Fertilizer for Lawns

Put diminutive micro clover in a lawn seed mix. It's like a free nitrogen lunch for turf--and it holds back weeds.

7 Ground Covers that Replace Grass and Take Foot Traffic

Here are seven ground covers that replace grass and take foot traffic. An interview with Pam Penick, Author of "Lawn Gone!"