Emerging Trends, Ideas, and Products in Landscapes and Land Care

Thursday, April 20, 2023 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm

There's a lot of talk about changes in landscapes and land care. But what's really going on? 

On the one hand, some people are meadow-scaping, installing all-native plantings, switching to low-mow lawns, planting vegetated sidewalk strips, and protecting water bodies with vegetated buffers. But some of us look at naturalized landscapes and see see unkempt plants that are too tall. Objectors are sometimes concerned about curb appeal and real estate value rather than pollinators and biodiversity.  

In the meantime, technology is also setting up a lot of changes. Robots and drones are taking baby steps against the problems of weeds, insect invasions, and landscape maintenance. Battery-powered equipment is quickly gaining space in garages and sheds. New, safer products are tackling old problems such as grub control.

Join this event for a lively "flyover" of a changing landscape.

Sponsored by the Kensington Garden Club.  Berlin Community Center, 230 Kensington Avenue, Berlin, CT. Meeting free of charge and open to the public. 

Kensington, CT