A Night at the Nature Movies

In search of a good documentary, something that both teaches and entertains? I recently reviewed four that I consider well worth the time of anyone interested in plants, landscapes, nature, and ecology. 

1. See David Attenborough’s "A Life on Our Planet," a fast-paced tour through the ways the earth and its ecology have changed during Attenborough's 93 years on the planet. The message is clear-eyed and unsentimental. The movie-making is so good that I didn't even notice the time pass. Available on Netflix. 

2. If you are a fan of naturalized landscapes, see "Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolph." Get a glimpse of a landscape master at work. You'll also enjoy plenty of eye candy as you tour the Oudolph gardens through the seasons.  Available through private screenings at www.fiveseasonsmovie.com/organize-a-virtual-screening.

3. Try "The Gardener" the story of one man’s quest for visual perfection in the landscape at Les Quatre Vents state in Charlevoix County, Quebec. Gentle on both eyes and ears, the film lets us drift through endless fields of pastel blossoms accompanied by the music of Bach, Saint-Saëns, and others. Available on Amazon Prime Video. 

4. Perhaps best of all, take the time to experience "My Octopus Teacher." A South African free diver spends a year befriending and filming an 18-inch octopus in an underwater kelp forest. This beautiful film weaves two storylines, one about a human who bonds with a wild creature, the other about that person’s relationship with himself. Available on Netflix. 

Please see the complete reviews at Zip06/TheDay. Enjoy!