"I feel as though we are finally on our way"

"Kathy helped me plan the meadow I've wanted to install for several years. She worked on seed selection and helped me find a company to do the installation. We planted on June 11. By early August, flowers were in bloom and grasses were getting established. Now, in September, we're enjoying lots of colors."

Ms. Hanson adds, "It will take several years for the meadow to become self-sustaining, but I feel as though we are finally on our way."

“I love taking care of it. It settles my mind. And people tell me they haven’t seen any monarch butterflies this year. But I’ve seen quite a few.

"It makes me happy to have it here."

Monique Hanson, Chester, Connecticut, on her 10,000 square foot meadow

Monique Hanson
Chester, CT