Articles on Landscape Design and Horticulture by Kathy Connolly

Micro Clover: One-Time Expense for Perennial Nitrogen Fertilizer

Micro clover is a small variety of white clover well worth consideration. Bred for an unobtrusive appearance with its low height and small leaves, it can be used as a standalone ground cover or as 2% - 5% of a lawn mix.

Design the Ideal Size for Your Lawn:

Nine "lawn-scaping" questions that may give you a new perspective on the right size and shape for your lawn. 

Slopes and Hillsides: How to Grow Grass and More

Conventional turfgrass may not be the best choice for slopes and hillsides. Learn about alternatives and techniques. 

Sow the Seeds of Next Year's Meadow in the Fall

The practice of "fall dormant seeding" is one of the best ways to start or develop a flowering meadow. 

Native plant series for The Habitat:

Three articles for the Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commissions about native trees, flowering perennials and pollinators.

Stormworthy New England Native Trees

About trees that may withstand storms better than others.

Four Ways to Create Privacy without Creating Enemies

Vines and Flowers: Add a Tendril of Privacy

Rain Barrels: More Than a Drop In The Bucket

What (Plants) Shall Inherit the Backyard?

Much Too Much Mulch

Conversational Skills for the Organic Gardener

Five Lessons My Kitchen Garden Taught Me

Truths about Urban Trees--Convenient and Inconvenient