10 Trends and Emerging Ideas in Landscapes and Land Care

Home horticulture gained lots of new participants in 2020, partly because a lot more of us were at home. Many were motivated, too, by the drumbeat of news about climate, birds, butterflies, invasive weeds and insects, and more. Industry researchers expect the increased participation to continue. 
According to some researchers, home horticulture and landscape maintenance practices will change a lot in the next few years. How will these changes affect us at home? How will they affect the green industry many of us rely upon for plants, products, and services?
In this one-hour talk, listen as members of the industry describe some trends--and what they wished more homeowners understood about plants, products, and land care. Learn how the current trends in landscapes affect us all. 
Be prepared for some sighs, some laughs, and perhaps even a bit of controversy.
This is a one-presentation.