Homely, helpful: Don't pull that weed!

More than a few plants that we humans call weeds, other creatures call home. Even among our cherished ornamental flowers, some need to stand long after the beauty pageant is over in order to support the insects they host.

Such is the case with the milkweed family. Long after the flowers have gone, the leaves are critical for monarch butterfly larvae. If you want to support bees, birds and butterflies, here's a short article from The Day in New London, CT, on the "homely" plants that do a lot of good for the creatures that pollinate our food crops and flowers

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Monarch butterfly caterpillar Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly female
Monarch caterpillar chews a milkweed leaf. Eastern tiger swallowtail female on butterfly weed. 
Smooth Sumac, Rhus glabra
Smooth sumac (Rhus glabra) during fruit development. This is not poison! Smooth sumac in flower. Sumacs are valuable support to honeybees, among many other creatures. 
Honeybee on butterfly weed.  Dragonfly on steeplebush.