Meadows 1-2-3

Saturday, October 8, 2022 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

Meadows are ecologically vibrant spaces, but their establishment and maintenance are very different from other forms of horticulture. No one can grow an instant meadow, but this six-hour seminar will quickly increase your understanding of what it takes to create and maintain one. 

Topics include: Meadows defined, site selection, site preparation, the roles of grasses and flowering species, plant selection, seeds versus plugs, seasonal considerations, long-term site management, and what to expect from your meadow in years one, two, and three. We discuss design challenges and how to bring about acceptance of this horticultural form among neighbors and the community. Extensive lists of plants and design resources are included with the class, plus an extensive list of pollinator resources. 

Past participants included homeowners, horticulturists, landscape designers and architects, landscape installation professionals, community volunteers, beekeepers, conservation commission members, home owner's association members, and land trust representatives. The discussions have been lively! 

Comments by participants in a recent class:

  • "This was a wonderful class, VERY WELL PRESENTED."
  • "This is the first class I've taken with the Native Plant Trust and Kathy was an excellent instructor. Given the quality of the course, I am encouraged to take more."
  • "Ms Connolly was organized, enthusiastic, knowledgeable . . . The presentation was GREAT."

Sponsored by Native Plant Trust.

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Nasami Farm, Whately, MA