For Grown-ups Who Love to Play in the Dirt

Cow Pots are made of processed manure at Freund Family Farm in Canaan, CT

Gifts for gardeners sometimes come in duller colors. The useful, earth-kind products described below are all have a special gleam of their own, having been invented, made, or packaged in Connecticut, notably free from gnarly supply chain woes. The products include the following:

  • Wiggle Room earthworm castings, courtesy of 800,000 red wigglers in Bridgeport
  • Cow Pots, plastic-free plant containers from Freund Family Farm in Canaan
  • Green Envy, decorative top-dressing that doubles as a soil amendment, made in Middlebury
  • City Garden by Fibredust LLCCity Garden is a veggie garden in a box from FibreDust LLC of Cromwell. Phone them at 860-597-3844. 
  • Connecticut Gardener Magazine is written by local experts about local gardens, suppliers, and conditions

If you like to buy from locals, don't forget about our well-established regional seed suppliers, too: Kitchen Garden Seed in Bantam, Hart Seed in Wethersfield, NE Seed in East Hartford, and Select Seeds in Union. (Also, read about the much newer, a seed project that aims to provide ecotypical seeds for ecoregion 59.)

This article appeared during the December 2021 gift season. For complete text, visit Zip06/TheDay

Green Envy is both a topdressing and a soil amendment.  Connecticut Gardener Magazine is written by and for regional gardeners.