Rethinking Leaves

Eastern box turtle overwinters beneath leaves.

Have you turned a new leaf when it comes to land care? Many people have. For instance, we plant for pollinators, choose native plants, reduce lawn sizes, and use electric equipment instead of gas-powered. Most of those changes take place within the confines of our properties without attracting negative attention.

The same is not always true for autumn leaves.

The stray leaf, blowing in the wind on a dry fall day, has pushed more than a few neighbors into standoffs behind their rakes and leaf-blowers. That's true even now, when it’s no secret that we live in a time where lawns, gardens, parks, and street-scapes are meaningful to the survival of regional species.

Learn how fallen leaves affect fireflies, bees, butterflies, and moths, and learn how to use leaves, in my latest article at Zip06/TheDay.

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Eastern Box Turtle Photo: Chuck Landrey, Old Saybrook

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