Cleaning Out Last Year's Black Plastic Pots

People often ask: Can we recycle plant pots? That question has a surprisingly complex answer (see below). This display at the Connecticut Flower Show caught my eye. Imperial Nurseries of Granby, CT, one of New England's largest wholesale growers, is placing these containers in garden centers so that pots can be reclaimed and remanufactured into other agricultural items. Connecticut, so far, doesn't recycle black horticultural plastics. But many garden centers and nurseries will take back pots they sold. There are private recyclers in the state that will handle horticultural plastics. The pots can also be sanitized for reuse, but this is a time-consuming process that most nurseries don't engage in. See my article from the New London Day newspaper on recycling plastic pots.

Black plastic plant pots recycled in special garden center bins from Imperial Nurseries.