What Happens When Naturescaping Meets Main Street?

Meadowscaping, all-native plantings, low-mow lawns, vegetated "hell strips" along sidewalks, and vegetated waterside buffers are popular earth-friendly designs. Many garden clubs and community groups promote these approaches as they work towards more sustainable towns and cities. Private homeowners are adopting them as well. 

But many members of the public find "naturescaping" difficult to accept once installed. Complaints include informal appearances and fear of ticks and weeds. In fact, new landscape forms have brought about neighborhood disagreements, blight violations, court orders, and other legal battles in more than a few places.

Is the problem one of embattled traditions? Or differing expectations? Or are there fundamental design problems to consider on a case-by-case basis?

In this one-hour talk, we'll look at the sources of friction, how to educate the public about naturalized landscapes, and how key design steps can help achieve greater public acceptance. No guarantees, but we'll try to put this sometimes-difficult conversation in a neutral context and create a productive discussion.