3 Ways to Fight Invasive Plants

In my work as a landscape designer, I've learned a lot about creating beauty with plants. But I've also been required to address nonnative invasive plants. 

Some of those lessons include the ways we unwittingly spread unwanted plants -- and what happens when we're slow to fight back. I've come to the conclusion that passive acceptance is not an option. These "space invaders" quickly displace more desireable plants, including native species that support native wildlife. 

I've also received an introduction to the network of scientists and volunteers who provide a treasure trove of information on how to navigate the process of invasive plant containment. Prevention and removal are possible. Early identification, timing, and a determined attitude are powerful tools. Along the way, I became an active member of the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group.

In this one-hour talk, we explore ways to identify local invasive plant problems and reclaim our neighborhoods, backyards, roadsides, and public parks.