Shedding some light on the latest in grow lights

Coltura LED grow lights from

I have long wished I could find horticultural lighting that didn't cost a fortune to operate. For several years, I've revisited the topic of LED lights for indoor growing. At last, their day has arrived.

At least, it has sort of arrived--because nothing is easy in the world of lights that grow plants. After all, they have to mimic that complex star that grows just about everything we've ever eaten or encountered, the sun. LED grow lights, it turns out, are good for leafy greens, herbs, and young seedlings. But don't expect to get an indoor tomato crop. 

I was glad to learn there is a forthcoming book, Gardening Under Lights, by Leslie F. Halleck. (Published by Timber Press and ready to ship in July 2018,  it can be preordered now at independent book stores and online.)

I interviewed Halleck and she provided an encouraging look at the innovations in lighting. 

“Lighting technology is evolving at light speed, and there are many different levels of advancement,” she says. 

I own one of the "Coltura" lights pictured above from Gardener's Supply Company in Burlington, VT. I have been very happy with the way it has kept my rosemary going through the winter. (Rosemary is notoriously difficult to keep alive indoors.)

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