Pollinator Support: Take It to the Next Level

Good news! Your yard and community already support a lot of birds, pollinators, and other wildlife—now. learn how you can support them at a higher level by taking cues from nature’s own designs. In this one-hour presentation, you'll learn about: 

  • The "real" growing season and the importance of continuous bloom from March to November.
  • Nature’s own designs, and how to use them anywhere.
  • The life-giving properties of "dead" material.
  • High-value plants that will work in your growing conditions
  • Why we need to care for existing trees, shrubs, and other plants--and not simply focus on planting new. 

An extensive handout and plant list are included with this talk. Take your pollinator support to the next level. 

What recent participants said: 

"Thank you for your time and wisdom ! I enjoyed listening to you!! I admire and respect your efforts !" Matt C.

"Your presentation, 'Native Plants, Birds, and Insects', provided a lot of valuable information and was well presented." Chris P.

"I often hear about plans and think of plantings in 2-D when mapping out a garden.  I love, love, love how you brought 3-D planning to life for me!   Suzanne T.