What’s Going On Out There? Trends in Landscape Design and Land Care

Saturday, June 23, 2018 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

Imagine that a tree planted in 1960 could talk. What would it tell us about our land care practices? Then imagine what the same tree would say to our descendants in 2060? Nobody knows, of course. But few would be surprised if that tree exclaimed, "What's going on out there?" 

In this two-hour talk, we'll look briefly at past land care practices and their current impacts. Listen as professional landscapers and garden center owners describe common beliefs and practices they encounter among landowners—sometimes, ones they wish would go away. We’ll take a peak at the sometimes-contentious discussion surrounding new styles of planting such as “naturescaping” in formal neighborhoods. Hear what the landscape industry thinks about itself and its worries for the future. We'll also take a peek at land care trends and new horticultural technology on the horizon. 

Be prepared for some laughs and perhaps a bit of controversy.

Sponsored by UConn Garden Master Classes 



UConn Extension Center, Haddam, CT