The Heath from Beneath the Snow

On February 4, I showed heath (right) in bloom along a sidewalk in my coastal Connecticut community. Then we had the biggest snow storm of the season on February 8 & 9. The blossoms were buried, of course.Heath emerges from two-week snow cover, still in bloom.


I wondered how they would fare and today, February 25, I got my answer. The purple flowers persisted beneath several feet of snow for two weeks. I'll have to dig into my copy of Gardening with Hardy Heathers (Small & Wulff, Timber Press, 2008) for some answers on why the plant blooms so early and how it can hold its colors under conditions that other plants wouldn't even consider! It's a great book, by the way. 

The photo below was taken on February 4; the one on the right, February 25

Heath in bloom, February