A New Role for Used (Cardboard) Rolls

The plain brown tubes that hold toilet paper, paper towels and gift wrap are great seed starters. The leeks in this tube were started on March 15. In less than a month, the roots are so long they're growing out of the container.

In another week, the entire roll will go into the ground. Leeks are one of the most tedious veggies to transplant, but when you can plant the whole container it's so much easier.

The cardboard will become compost after a while, but no worries there. Unbleached, non-corrugated cardboard is acceptable even for certified organic food growing.

Recycled toilet paper rolls filled with seedling starter.

On the right, parsley moves from crowded quarters in a six pack to roomier digs in these recycled toilet paper rolls.

This idea is not original with me--I forget where I first saw it. It works! My thanks to the innovator.


Parsley transplanted into recycle toilet paper rolls.