Native Plants, Birds, and Insects

Learn how native plants contribute to landscapes that birds and beneficial insects call home. We'll discuss how to use native trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses to improve habitat. Discover the importance of structure in creating a landscape that is likely to attract and keep birds. Learn about seasonal influences. We'll also share ways to identify the best plants for your location and where to buy them. An extensive resource list is included with the class, covering plant lists and purchasing sources. 

What recent participants said: 

"Thank you for your time and wisdom ! I enjoyed listening to you!! I admire and respect your efforts !" Matt C.

"Your presentation, 'Native Plants, Birds, and Insects', provided a lot of valuable information and was well presented." Chris P.

"I often hear about plans and think of plantings in 2-D when mapping out a garden.  I love, love, love how you brought 3-D planning to life for me!   Suzanne T.