Harkness Park: Images year 'round


Garden and Landscape Images of Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT.

Silver moon heirloom rose

Above, Silver Moon heirloom rose blooming in June, originally planted by the Harkness family. Right top: Tithonia in a cutting garden. Right bottom: Climbing Hydrangea on the patio wall at the mansion. 

Hydrangea petiolaris

See below for the hydrangea "skeleton" in winter. 

All photos by Kathy Connolly.

Neiring Natural Area Preserve June 2014

August field at dusk: Joepyeweed and Goldenrod

About 75 acres of fields bloom from May to October. 
Cutting garden entrance

The cutting garden is both colorful and dramatic, even in the winter scene below. 
Cutting garden, July
Asclepias in July field

Landscapes at Harkness cover a wide range of styles, from wild asclepias in a July field to a manicured formal garden. 

Through years of fundraising, volunteer effort and cooperation from the State of Connecticut, one of the greenhouses has been rebuilt. 

Though the winter visit lacks bright colors, the Harkness landscape offers year-round interest. 

Hydrangea "skeleton" in winter.