Foundation Gardens: Designs that Say "Welcome Home"

The area around a building is the very place that says "Welcome" to the visitor or "Relax, you're home" to the occupant. It also has tremendous impact on that elusive quality called curb appeal.

Yet how often do we see stressed-out shrubs and struggling perennials in this most visible foundation area? We also see foundation plantings that are so overgrown, the homeowner or landscaper doesn't know where to begin with renovation. Driveways, pathways, sidewalks, building materials, soil problems, storm water runoff, de-icers, building shadows, neighborhood factors, and foot traffic all play a part in the difficulties. 

But there is another problem that is little discussed. It has to do with how we see and think about buildings and their relationship to land. Kathy Connolly offers several surprising insights and a new way of looking at this highly visible part of the home and community landscape. 

Note: This seminar is offered in several formats, from a one-hour presentation to three-hour workshop. It can be customized to your event and audience. There is a new version in which only native plants are featured. 

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